LAN Sensor
The concept of LAN Sensor is a data collection and data storage features.

LAN Sensor provides data recording and storage for environmental parameters, in a setup that is easy to configure and use locally or on the internet.

The sensors cover a small range of daily measuring tasks. This is for the time limited, new measuring components are added as needed.

  • Door open/closed
  • Door locked/unlocked
  • Robotic lawnmower charging/mowing

LanSensor platform is a combination of:
  • Raspberry PI for sensor with Python program for recording
  • Webserver for storing recording and configuration for Raspberry PI
  • MySQL for data storage
  • Simple PHP webpage for display
  • .NET Core console application for monitoring
  • Slack integration for sending alerts

The recorded data has a high degre of availability via the internet, with easy to use web frontend. (A hopefully comming feature rich version later)

First version of the software is available on GitHub:

LAN Sensor is developed by BitMax and the LAN Sensor devices covers a wide range of measuring instruments

Contact Frank via fym (at)